Window Washers VS Window Cleaners

window washers vs window cleaners

Window cleaners all across the nation will agree that window cleaning is MUCH different than window washing.  Many window cleaners like myself take their profession very seriously.  It isn’t just taking a mop out of a bucket and sloshing a bunch of soapy water on a window, and using fancy techniques to remove the water.  Windows are different.  There are storm windows, french panes, tempered glass, windows with tint, 3M film on the glass.  Some windows may appear to be made of glass when in fact they are they are plexiglass.  If you are blindly using a razor, which most window cleaners WONT do, you can do some serious damage.  True window cleaners will always analyze the window before cleaning.


My Grandma Just Slipped & Fell!

As a professional window cleaner in Denver, I have cleaned a lot of windows in malls, shopping centers, law firms, you name it.  The floor can be anything from tile to marble, and anything in between.  Window cleaners will always pick up their mess from the floor.  I’ve seen so many window washers that just leave the water on the ground.  HUGE puddles.  No joke, I’ve actually gained business because I pick up after myself.  I was amazed the first time.  Thinking it was undoubtedly understood to clean up after yourself, and protect people from slipping.  Guess I was naive.  While I was cleaning windows on a glossy tile floor, I personally witnessed an elderly lady slip and fall on a window washers puddle.  Something so simple, yet window washers neglect it.


If It Sounds To Good To Be True It Probably Is

I’ve bid a lot of windows throughout my lifetime.  A LOT.  The minimum that I charge for a storefront is $20 inside and outside.  This is still a great deal for the service that is provided, because I am a window cleaner.  This same storefront that I charge $20 for, I’ve seen window washers underbid for $12 or even less.  What type of service do you think will be provided?  Surely not nearly as good as a true window cleaner.  Be sure to expect streaks, drips from the top of the frame, or worse.  Are they insured?  What would happen if  someones grandma did slip and fall on someones property, and the window washer didn’t have insurance?   Typically I will go back to these storefronts 6 months later, and the window washer will have disappeared.  If the window washer is still in business, the owner of the store will have issues with them.  “They show up too often, or they don’t show up at all.”  Window cleaners have systems that they pay for typically.  It insures that they show up on time, and will memorize your frequency.  So don’t go for the underbid, you’re probably wasting your money.



How to Find My Window Cleaner?

There are a ton of ways to check to see if your window cleaner will meet your standards.  Try to find them on Facebook for reviews.  We have 5 star window cleaning reviews in Denver across the board.  If you can’t find them on Facebook or other social network, that could be a red flag.  Try a Google search.  If you can’t find them on Google or Google Maps, this could be a red flag as well.  I wouldn’t recommend a BBB search simply because you can pay for an A+ rating.  I never even contacted BBB, and had an A rating after being open for a short period of time.  I was shocked.  If your window cleaner is asking you to sign a contract, you might want to be a little weary.  It is not typical for window cleaners to have contracts, they let their work speak for itself.