Office Building Window Cleaning


We Offer MORE Than Just Window Cleaning


We place a majority of our customers on a schedule for window cleaning.  The more frequently we clean your windows the lower the cost.  Residential customers typically will get their their windows cleaned at least every six months.  We do have residential customers that get the outside of their windows cleaned every month (60%-70% reduction in price), and the inside cleaned once or twice a year.  


Commercial customers vary, and properties can be very dynamic.  There are storefront customers that get their windows cleaned at least every month.  Office building window cleaning may only be every 3 month.  We are able to clean any commercial property that is 4 stories or less.  Because we are using advanced window cleaning methods, our pricing is very competitive for windows above first story.


Solar panel cleaning is absolutely necessary.  We have many customers that get their solar panels cleaned at least 4 times a year.  Depending on where you are located it could be more.  It is important to keep your solar panels maintained, and allow as much sunlight through as possible.  Our method is safe, fast, effective, and very reasonably priced. 


Sign cleaning is not something everyone thinks about.  If you are a store owner or a property management company this might make sense.  We have come across so many signs that have bird nests, dirt, spider webs, hornet nests, mud, and a whole lot of other grime on them.  Cleaning your signs will increase the appearance of storefronts, and commercial properties.


After construction of a building or home, there is all kinds of great stuff on those new windows.  Concrete, dry wall dusts, paint, and other debris.  Investigating the glass before doing anything is what separates us from the companies that might put many scratches on those new windows.  With care and diligence we will carefully remove the debris, and leave the windows looking new, as they should be.


Ceiling fans can be in the most awkward places of a home or business.  How the heck do you get up there?  Don't take the risk, it is not as easy as it seems.  We will dust, and clean your ceiling fans for you.  Skylights are the same way.  Very awkward to get to in many situations.  It can be frustrating without the right equipment.  We charge a fair rate for cleaning these awkward to reach places.